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Welcome to EASTW Engineering Pte. Ltd.

Get your project done quickly & efficiently with our patented lightweight building materials.
Minimize costs and save time while maintaining high quality standards! 1/5 the weight of a normal concrete and can solve many problems for architects and engineers alike.

High Productivity

Saving on labour cost, equipment and easy for M&E cutting. 1 team can achieve 80 square meter per day.

Competitive Price

Commitment to lightweight panel series for the R&D, production, have our own patented products.

Green Products

Under the Singapore Green Labelling Scheme. Using our products helps to get green mark point.

What We Offer

EASTW design and manufacture of Lightweight GGBS Precast Concrete Lintel & Stiffener and Panel.(Patent Application No.: 1020151022W ).

View our latest video presentation of product here

Our company comes out with a new initiative designs (Singapore’s first of its kind) permanently solve the problem of water leaking from exterior wall.

Our unique design achieve a perfect connection between precast slab and brick wall.

These series of unique products are initiative in Singapore and international leadihe installation of each product took only 30 minutes and only takes two workers for installation which impressively reduce manpower and lower the cost, the cost can be controlled within 1/3 of items castes in situs.

Eastw is committed to providing a better environment for our planet today and our children tomorrow. Our products manufactured with recycled materials.



Floor Protection Sheet

Lightweight GGBS PC Stiffener

Lightweight GGBS PC Lintel

Lightweight Concrete Canopy (LCC)

Composite Lightweight Concrete Panel (CLC)

Lightweight GGBS Solid Panel

Cement Composite Panel

Lightweight Modular Houses

Panel Installation Machine

lightweight Panel

  • Green product
  • 20% cost saving for the builder
  • 50% Time saving for the builder
  • 40% cost saving on plastering
  • Greater easy of construction
  • Improved site cleanliness and safety
  • External and internal wall options
  • Large panel sizes or sizes follow the design requirements
  • Plastering and skim coat are not required on the pael surface
  • Specifically design of RC and wall joining to prevent water and sound proofing

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    Our Best Services

    Aims to resolve existing problems in construction and good effects are made. Our expert structural engineers have extensive expertise in precast and prestressed concrete construction and over 20 years experience within the construction industry. More benefit helps our clients to lower costs and save time.

    The type of projects undertaken will vary hugely in size and scope – please get in touch for more information and quotations.

    Few Words About Us ...

    Eastw Engineering Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based company with a leading manufacturer & supplier of idea Lightweight GGBS Precast Conrete Lintel & Stiffener and Panel. We design and manufacture next generation building materials. Continuous reform and innovation of our products have our own intellectual property.

    Eastw products are 1/5 the weight of normal precast concrete and can be used for walls and various other components in both residential and commercial construction. Its have been approved by Singapore relevant authorities.

    Unique design that can solve many problems for architects and engineers alike.

    Feel free to contact us for any lightweight precast concrete information that may assist you to achieve your building solution.

    Lightweight PC Panel