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Eastw Cement Composite Panel

Our Features

EastwPanel with a natural and beautiful texture, finished to look like wood. An environmentally friendly building materials for wood substitution.

Eastw cement composite panel are installed in accordance with the ultimate technology of uninterrupted rear ventilation. This fully developed and proven cladding system effectively protects the building structure and with it the whole building from the elements for decades.
The panels are rot-resistant, incombustible and virtually maintenance free.

“Exquisite, Beautiful Facades - Siding for Any Building Type.”

The designing possibilities offered by the wide range of finishes and colors may be complemented with special fabrication or surface treatments. Holes, slots or other shaped perforations as well as engravings such as geometric designs, company logos or unique custom patterns allow the creation of unusual effects. These additional options allow an exclusive, special touch to be given to every high profile building. Panels with perforations, engravings or other surface treatments are provided with an outstanding finish.

Why Choose EastwPanel?

Made Better
Made from natural materials
Non asbestos
Highest flexural strength
Installs Better
Easy to cut to any size
Promote clean and speedy construction
Lightweight for easy installation
Performs Better
Strong and durable
Complete wood substitution products
Fire, weather and insect resistant.

Dimensions & Application


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